Chanel n°5 Parfum Limited Andy Warhol (50ml)

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Chanel n°5 Parfum Limited Andy Warhol (50ml)
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Product Description

Product Description

A real collector's item. Chanel n°5 Parfum Limited Andy Warhol Edition (50 ml). Collector's item, very rare! We now have 3 of these in store (7,5ml and 30ml). The unique packaging depicting a silk screen picture by Andy Warhol was designed to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Andy Warhol. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Chanel No. 5, Chanel did something it had never done -- change the package. Laurie Palma, Chanel's VP-fragrance marketing, knew it would take a stunning idea to convince executives to tamper with the sophisticated black-and-white Chanel box, which has become a fragrance icon. "At first it was a little hard to swallow," admits Ms. Palma, 46. "We've never tampered with the package or the scent." But when corporate executives saw the plans for a tie-in with artwork created by Andy Warhol, Ms. Palma says they knew it was a perfect fit. "An opportunity like this doesn't come very often," she says. Andy Warhol had used the No. 5 bottle as an inspiration for a series of nine works. The respect is mutual -- several of Mr. Warhol's paintings hang in Chanel's offices. Using three of Warhol's images, the concept first emerged as an advertising campaign and then was quickly expanded to new packaging and in-store displays. From the advertising campaign idea, Ms. Palma expanded into using the artwork as large posters and mobiles in stores and on limited-edition packages. "What struck me was the power of using these two great creative geniuses [Mr. Warhol and Coco Chanel] of our time who helped shape our culture," recalls Ms. Palma of the program that ran March through June 1997.

NEW Never worn, in mint condition. No rips, tears or similar.

ALMOST NEW Gently worn less than five times.

GENTLY USED The item has flaws and shows slight signs of wear.

USED Item regularly worn, showing signs of wear including significant stains, scuffs and tears.


new, still in plastic

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