Mother's Day Special

Hermès Birkin limited edition8th of May - The day that is dedicated to every mother has arrived. It's Mother's Day! While we want to emphasize the fact that actually any day is a day to pride the ladies in our lives, we still want to take this opportunity to sit down with founding lady of Labellov, Birgit de Jager. Being a mom, a daughter, a business woman and a wife, here's her thoughts on our Mother's Day questions!


Hi Birgit, thanks for taking the time to sit down and answer our questions.. Being a mom of one lovely daughter, Louise, you for sure have some insights on what Mother's Day means. Let's start! Which is the most memorable gift you have ever received for Mother's Day?

I am lucky enough to have received many beautiful gifts from my daughter Louise throughout the years, from handmade gifts that she crafted in kindergarten and elementary school in the early years to flowers, drawings and poems. The most memorable gift I got from her? That has to have been two years ago, when my daughter made a coffee mug with a picture of us on it.

Which Labellov gift would you love to receive from your daughter?

She either has to seriously start saving up for a long time or win the lottery, because my dream bag is a Hermès Kelly bag. I love the elegance and design of a Kelly, pure sophistication!

You are a mom yourself, but also a daughter. Which Labellov gift would you give to your mom?

My mom is a very cheerful and dynamic woman, who loves to dress up and always wears lots of colours. I know I can always please her with a colourful cashmere scarf from Hermès, even though she already has lots of them in her personal collection.

How do you usually spend your Mother's Day?

We celebrate Mother's Day on August 15 (the provincial Mother's Day in Antwerp) and take the holiday very seriously! We get together with the whole family and bond over delicious food and drinks. My mom worked hard and has always supported, loved and done everything for us, so we think it's important to show our love to her each year on this special day. I see Mother’s Day as a special day to thank my mother and honour her.

We couldn't agree more! Actually, we want to say Thank You to each and every mother, daughter and strong woman! Happy Mother's Day to you.

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