Behind Closet Doors: Tamara De Mey

In this series we take a peek behind closet doors of some of Belgium's most fashion-forward ladies. From the best investment pieces over fashion faux-pas and everything in between, we take a fashion-filled trip down memory lane and into fash future. Best part of it all? You can shop a curated selection on preloved pieces right here at Labellov!

Today we're meeting up with Tatiana de Nicolay, the leading lady of PR and creative brand agency Turbulence. Her sophisticated townhouse in Ghent is the perfect backdrop for this style shoot.

Tamara de Mey Labellov

About her love of fashion: "My grandmother used to collect lifestyle magazines, so as a kid, I often spent my weekends cutting out pages I liked. That’s when my love for designers was born. Around the age of 14, I started buying Vogue Paris, and now I have a wardrobe full of designer clothes and vintage Vogues. Carine Roitfeld, the former editor-in-chief of the French edition, was my personal style icon for the longest time."

Let's talk shoes: My first-ever designer purchase was a pair of Miu Miu pumps. While studying in Ghent, I discovered Prada and Miu Miu at the now-defunct Obius boutique. To this day, I’m a huge fan of both brands. The two identical pairs of leopard-print Prada pumps in the photo are my absolute favorites. There’s also a funny story behind them. I was on a business trip in Amsterdam and, for once, had sneakers with me because I knew I might be in a rush to catch my train. While swapping shoes in the Uber, I accidentally forgot to put away one of my pumps. Once I got home, I panicked and ordered a new pair, only to get a call a few days later saying they found my shoe on the back seat. That’s how I ended up with two identical pairs. But hey, I’m still thrilled with them

About her style evolution: "My style has evolved over the years because I work in the industry myself. But my love for Italian craftsmanship has remained. I adore that eclectic look but styled in a more French way. The combinations of cuts really appeal to me."

behind closet doors Tamara

On her love of craftsmanship and luxury: "I used to frequently mix designer items with high-street brands, but I just can’t bring myself to do that anymore. In my line of work, I see how much effort and craftsmanship goes into the designs of major fashion houses, so it feels disrespectful to me to shop at fast fashion chains. At some point, you also get used to the luxurious materials and the fit of certain cuts, and then there's no turning back."

Which designers can we find in your wardrobe? "When it comes to Belgian designers, Dries Van Noten is my favorite because I love his use of color. I'm also a huge Chanel fan. They don't sell online, so you still have to visit the boutique. Their service is impeccable and reminds me of the value of brick-and-mortar stores versus online shopping.

Bottega Veneta is a frequent presence in my wardrobe as well. The brand caught my eye during Daniel Lee's tenure, but I must say Matthieu Blazy is doing an even better job. I also shop a lot at Loewe. I think Jonathan Anderson is an incredible talent. The combination of colors in his designs really appeals to me. The bags he’s designed for the label have become iconic in just a few years. The luxurious leather goods are part of Loewe's DNA, but he makes them contemporary. I often wear leather, so that fits perfectly with my style."

Any IT-bags on your wishlist? "My wishlist doesn't include the usual classics. For instance, at Hermès, I’d go for the Constance model rather than the well-known Birkin or Kelly. Those are too overexposed for me, partly due to certain celebrities. When it comes to hypes, I don’t get easily tempted. If a bag becomes extremely popular, I quickly lose interest. I prefer the more underdog pieces!" 

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Photography by Robin Joris Dullers.
This interview appeared in Marie-Claire Magazine België / Belgique.


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