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Humbly by Morgane

Humbly by Morgane

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Humbly by Morgane

In this episode of Les Musettes de Labellov, we introduce you to Morgane Van Marcke, founder of Humbly By Morgane. A young entrepreneur with a lot of passion for food and fashion. Humbly By Morgane is a platform for plant-based living, full of recipes and inspiring lifestyle content. Morgane started out with her Humbly by Morgane e-book full of healthy and delicious recipes and has a wonderful hardcover Humbly cookbook for sale right now! Let's visit the foodie in her wonderful Antwerp city apartment to talk about all things fashion, food & style.

Morgane Van Marcke
Antwerp, Belgium
Plant-based lifestyle cook

How would you describe yourself and your personal style?

I am Morgane and I love health, food, travel and fashion. I would personally say that I don’t have one particular style. My style can go from really girly to tomboyish and my style differs from day to day. It is very diverse; a bit of everything.

How did you find your personal style?

Thanks to my mother! I see her as a true fashion icon as she has an impeccable sense of style that inspires me on the daily. She was the one who taught me how to dress when I was younger and she always did that very well, so I guess she's been my style influence from the cradle on (laughs).

Do you have a fashion formula, a go-to when it comes to dressing?

One characteristic of my style is definitely color. There is always color in my outfit. I am not a fan of black and white or a complete black or grey look, even though I love the neutral tones on others. I tend to choose bold and bright colors when styling a look, so the constant characteristic is most definitely color. A pop of color in my outfit gives me instant happiness and lifts up the mood. It's the same with my home interior: I love bold and bright pieces, things with an unexpected twist that create an enticing whole.

What is your favourite outfit for a day off?

I'd call it Comfy Chique, which looks like the outfit I am wearing at the moment: a comfortable pair of pants in a cosy material, a pair of sneakers (I love my purple Converse All-Stars) and a cute sweater to beat the cold. Simple but effective!

What is your favourite outfit for a day in the kitchen?

In the kitchen, especially if I have a catering event planned, I like to wear a lovely dress. I find it’s easy and the right type of dress can be very comfortable. A dress for a day in the kitchen might be a little unexpected, as one would think I'd wear a pair of jeans or something that can get dirty. But I like to wear a dress, it makes me feel pretty, feminine and confident.

What is your favourite outfit for a special event?

A beautiful dress. No high heels. You will not easily see me wearing them. I would opt for a pair of little pumps or some loafers.

Do you collect a certain fashion item?

I like to build a collection of beautiful fashion items, but especially enjoy working on my handbag collection. Your question can easily be answered just looking around my apartment, as I like to display my most loved handbags all over the place, like pieces of art. I also collect sneakers - my collection is quite extensive as I prefer to wear sneakers over other types of shoes. A pair of sneakers is more easy to add to my collection, handbags can be more of an investment to collect.

What is your most beautiful fashion memory?

The moment I got my first designer handbag, a medium-sized bright orange Proenza Schoulder PS1. I got it from my mom as a graduation present. Some of my greatest memories were created while wearing this bag, so I love it to bits.

What your designer dream bag?

I would love to add a Delvaux handbag to my collection someday. A Delvaux Brillant in the Mini or PM size is something that I would like to buy one day. I don’t think it fits my current age, but later in life I would love to own it. I love the Delvaux Brillant because it’s Belgian fashion, a classic bag and something that will never go out of style. It's high on my wish list for later on! 

What is your favourite designer handbag in your collection?

The Bottega Veneta Padded Casette bag in bright orange. And the Gucci Mini Marmont bucket bag in pastel colors. It’s a birthday present that I received from my fiancée. He knows me really well. This pastel-colored bucket bag is one of my faves at the moment.

Favourite styling tip?

Don’t try to hard. If an outfit is too styled, I think you can immediately see it and it doesn’t look as nice. It is important to always stay true to your own style and feel comfortable in what you wear. I would never wear something I don’t feel comfortable in. Don’t try to hard, be true to yourself and be comfortable!

Who is your fashion icon and why?

I definitely see my mother as a fashion icon. And for style ideas I like to look at Leandra Medini from the Man Repeller. Her outfits are alway very fun, different and creative. I also get inspired by the people in my inner circle - my friends have the best style and I love to get inspired by their unique points of view.

What is the most important part of an outfit for you?

If I really have to choose, I will say the bag, just because if you are outside and you are wearing a coat your handbag is the only thing people will see. But actually everything I wear is always a cohesive whole. No item on themselves is nice or beautiful, everything has to be seen in combination with other pieces. That’s why I don’t attach a lot of importance to separate items, but I always look at the whole picture.

Which items is high on your wish list?

Something I would really want one day is a Max Mara teddy coat. Super nice, super warm and works with every outfit. That is something that I would really like to add to my wardrobe really soon, in any color, they are all fun.

Who is your go-to designer?

There are many Belgian designer that I really like, Dries Van Noten, Essentiel Antwerp and Delvaux ofcourse. I believe that we Belgians are doing well when it comes to being fashion forward. For nice dresses I like Bernadette. This mother-daughter duo creates silhouettes that are very feminine, bright and colorful. And especially very original, that is something that I really like to see in a brand. For day-to-day looks I like to shop in The Frankie Shop. That is a lovely online store. Lastly, if I could afford it, I would like to shop at MiuMiu every day. That’s the brand I like the most. But that’s more for special occasions.

What is a trend that you would never follow?

I have seen online that Juicy Couture is trendy again. I have seen several it-girls on Instagram wear it. That is a trend that I will never follow. The sparkles on the back of the pants, nice for some people but not for me. However, everything deserves a chance with me. In the right style, I believe that almost everything is possible.




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