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How to sell

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  • How can I sell?

    Showroom: come to us

    Bring your items to our showroom for an immediate validation. Our experts will review each item and give you a price estimate. The selected items are authenticated, photographed and placed online from our offices. The item will go on sale for a period of 6 months, after which it will be reduced in price and placed in the sale section. Labellov takes care of the shipping and handling of each item, and you will be paid out after the return period has passed.

    Please note: Labellov does not store all the bags and accessories in their showroom. Please make an appointment if you want to see a particular bag.

    Our address: Verlatstraat 15 2000 Antwerp, Belgium.
    We are easily reachable with public transport. Free parking space nearby.

    Pick-up service: we come to you

    Labellov offers a personal pick-up service for certain brands and bag types. Please schedule an appointment by phone or email. Extensive descriptions and/or detailed pictures of the items may be required before validating for a pick-up appointment.

    Pop-up shops

    Labellov hosts seasonal events where you can drop off your bags and accessories. You will be provided with a contract and inventory list of the items you bring in for consignment. These drop-off points are hosted in collaboration with Belgium’s finest high-end stores and events. For a list of upcoming dates and places, please visit the events page.

    Send your item to us

    Contact us for a tailored-made solution. Send us pictures, ship your items and we do all the work.

    Consign with us

  • How does Labellov authenticate?

    We value authenticity in the highest form and make sure every item is authenticated. We have a team of in-house experts who verify the authenticity of each item. If an item does not meet the expected standards, we will not accept the item. The authentication process exists out of different steps. We look at materials, workmanship, details, logos, serial codes, brand stamps... We do extensive research and make sure every item is subject to this research. 

  • What will I earn?

    Labellov offers an all-inclusive service for your items. We do the work, you get paid.


    items with a selling price > €300 you receive 50%
    selling price between €300 - €2000 you receive 60%
    items with a selling price < €2000 you receive 70%

    Payouts are done afte an item has been sold and the mandatory returns period has expired. We pay out through bank transfer or in store credit.

  • What is the length of the consignment period?

    Items can stay in consignment for a period of 6 months. This means that we keep the item in our possession for a period of 6 months. With our effective merchandising and market reach, 80% of our items are sold within 30 days
  • How are my items priced?

    The Labellov team of experts make sure you get the best price possible for your item. Selling prices depend on the brand, the model, the condition of the item and the extra's. We base ourselves on current market prices, our experience and expertise.
  • How do I get my items to you?

    You are welcome to deposit your items at our showroom in Antwerp for an immediate validation. We are easily reachable by car or public transport. We also offer the opportunity to pick-up your item(s) at home. It is mandatory to schedule an appointment by mail or phone or by filling out the consignment form. Labellov also hosts seasonal events (pop-ups, collaborations…) where you can drop off your items. Find out about all the ways to sell your items here.

  • Which brands can I sell?

    Have a look at our current list of designers here.

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